Assistance service for deaf-blind

I thought how cool it would be if was able to simply exit the house and meet somebody outside who could accompany me where I need. Now, at last, such service exists and many deaf-blind people got an opportunity to go to the shop or to do some of their personal business without asking relatives for help.

As it’s known, disabled people are very different like all people are very different. There are more rehabilitated ones among them, but there are completely helpless. And no matter how paradox it can sound “helpless” disabled people are so not because there is no care and attention to them from family, but vice versa. There is so much of “care and attention” that a person doesn’t have psychological strength or opportunities to get rid of this “blanket”. Deaf-blind people are not an exception in this sense. It’s clear that deaf-blind happen to be in the field of their relatives’ care, more often – of their parents.

Parents on their side usually want to protect their children from any difficulties and disabled person under such overprotection happens to be in total or significant social isolation. As long as parents have strength and health the situation doesn’t seem so tragic. A person can even have pretty full life provided by hisher close ones. But if for some reason a circle of communication doesn’t form around such person, outcomes maybe very sad.

Aging parents suddenly realize they don’t have anybody to pass their care to and disabled person him or herself starts thinking heshe can be left alone. A family finds itself in almost hopeless situation, the only exit of which often is to live in some social institution.

Potential exit from this situation is a possibility for a disabled person to live and act independently. For example, visit some places where heshe usually went with relatives accompanied by somebody else. It’s better to do it with friends, but due to mentioned situation, there may be no friends around.

Other possible solution of the problem can be found if the society becomes aware of the problem and starts providing its less mobile citizens with mechanisms to gain “independence”.

A system of assistance (funded by the Fund So-edinenie) which is functioning within TOK is an attempt to create such structure. It seems to us that its psychological importance is not understood by everybody so far.

I speak about importance and necessity of assistance. Not all deaf-blind need sign language interpreter. Moreover some totally deaf-blind people still remain “speaking”, without knowledge of fingerspelling or sign language. I used social taxi for a long period. And often, staying in a traffic jam, or dialing their number for the hundred time I was thinking “how cool it would be if I can just walk out of my house and a person would wait for me and accompany me where I need”.

Now fortunately such service exists. And it provides deaf-blind people with an opportunity to go on their business without their relatives’ help.

And it provides an opportunity of “independence”, opportunity to leave this warm, but heavy blanket of overprotection.

In other words people have an opportunity to be a bit freer. And situation of severe sensor disability means you are “unfree” and it’s hard to overcome it. That’s why I’d like to believe that our assistance service will give a start to a big and important process. And we are simply learning to do everything efficiently and right. It’s always difficult to be the first ones, but it’s always interesting!

Sergey Fleitin

Service of audio and sign language assistance in the charitable foundation TOK has been operating since March, 23, 2015. Services are available for all deaf-blind people who passed through census and constantly or temporary live in Moscow and closest Moscow region.

Application for accompaniment should be sent two days before the date when assistance is needed (with exception of emergency cases).
Application for taxi should be sent 3 hours before the car is needed.
To apply you can use:
Telephone: +7 495 640 32 40 (calls in work hours from 9:00 to 18:00)

SMS: +7 966 099 53 79

Skype: tokrug2015


Our assistance service is constantly in need of volunteers. We teach all necessary skills and help to get acquainted and start communicating with deaf-blind people. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Call us +7 495 640 32 40 or write an e-mail We wait for you!

For the blind, and, especially, the deaf-blind person the opportunity to be mobile, social activity – one of the key conditions for rehabilitation.

That is why we strive to ensure that a totally blind and deaf or hard of hearing is totally blind people who are in our care, could use the service maintenance in no-limit mode. This is – the little that we can do for them. You can help us. One hour support – is 350 rubles (including taxes).