Computer literacy

It’s hard to imagine for us, people who see and hear, what it means for a deaf-blind person to be able to use modern electronic devices, to communicate in social networks or by mail…

Sergey Fleitin
Interaction with computer is performed with the help of speech synthesizer and program of display access.

We are glad to introduce you our co-founder and director – Sergey Fleitin. Computer technics and different gadgets are his passion. You should see Sergey’s face when he touches new model of iPhone, Braille organizer or feature packed PC. In 1990-s Sergey with his family was living in a far region, divided from the world and friends, no one needed him and he didn’t know what to occupy himself with. Then he heard that blind people also can use computer and started investigating this question.

There were no money to buy technics, but he found a sponsor who provided device with 8 Mb of operative memory (at that time – enormously cool!). His mother was near and helped the best she could. She recorded educational book of Figuranov reading it to a tape-recorder. And Sergey learned English language by himself. Thus how it all began…

Device Pronto that Moscow government bought for all muscovites who has deaf-blindness helps a lot. You can download any information into Pronto and it will be broadcasted by special ways.
Sergey diagnoses Braille printer

Now Fleitin is the owner of many titles, including international ones, but we do not mention them here, they are not paid for, so they do not refer to professional activity. And professionally Sergey is doing all that is connected with computers. He is the leading expert in Russia on technical rehabilitation means for deaf-blind people, the head and one of the teachers of our computer courses.

Sergey teaches blind and deaf people to use Braille displays and different gadgets, for example, sensor smartphones.

Among Fleitin’s students are legendary S.Sirotkin, N.Krylatova and A.Suvorov who studied in Lomonosov Moscow State University in far away 70-s. If at that time they had an opportunity to use the Internet, to use electronic libraries, the quality of their education would have been much higher. But at that time lectures and books were written in Braille script by hand. It’s hard for us, people who see and hear, imagine how it is important for deaf-blind person to use modern electronic devices, communicate in social networks and by e-mail.

That’s why for Sergey Fleitin teaching his brothers in disability is one of the main tasks. Computer courses of TOK work under public support. Since the end of 2014 we started fundraising on crowd funding platform and with the help of gathered means Sergey was able to quit his work in the system of All-Russian Blind Society and start teaching on regular basis (he needs salary to feed the family!). Thus we found financing for 2015.

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